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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prawn Fishing

Took a trip to go prawn fishing for dinner the other night.  Fishing for prawn in a lake, river, or sea?  No, fishing for prawn at a restaurant!  A local colleague invited us to join him and some other colleagues to go out to dinner at a restaurant in southwest Bangkok that features a large pool in the center where diners can fish for fresh prawn to add to their meal.

The experience was very different than anything I've tried before and it was very fun.  These prawn had great long claws and after about 2 hours of trying, I managed to catch one.  The restaurant provided the fishing poles and the bait (pieces of chicken heart) to those that liked to fish.

The large pool in the center of the restaurant with anglers/diners on the perimeter.
Our basket filled with our catches!
This is how the prawn are served after cooking.  They were really big!


  1. How to find this place?

  2. Don't remember the name of the restaurant. It was near the mall "Tha Phra" and down the street Ratchada Soi 8. Just turn on to that street and it was a few blocks and on the left.


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