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Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year In

The last week marked the one year anniversary since joining USAID.  In the past year, I already learned an amazing amount about development, USAID, and my work, picked up a decent amount of a new language, and worked almost a month in Thailand.  All along the way, I've met many amazing people. 

Also of significance with the first year anniversary was my first promotion to class 5.  Previously, all USAID Junior Officers came in as class 6 ( I think they allow people to enter now at class 5) regardless of education and experience, whereas in the State Department, new Junior Officers could come in at up to class 4.  A bit of a disparity considering class 5 in State is given just by having a Master degree while USAID requires at least a Master to join.  However, we receive administrative promotions the first two years to get us up to class 4 so long as performance is satisfactory.  Additionally, the promotion comes with a nice bump in salary which will make living in DC (apartments there are anything but inexpensive) until post a bit more comfortable.

I'm looking forward to the next year with moving to post, really developing my Indonesian language and cultural knowledge, and having many more new experiences.

He's drinking a soda!
Oh yeah, while visiting a temple up near the mountains a few hours outside Bangkok, I saw monkeys!

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  1. That is funny!...the monkey picture, that is ;).


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