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Monday, March 31, 2014

Helping Hands at Bakti Luhur School

A home for around 300 children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities in Jakarta, the Bakti Luhur Foundation in Indonesia has facilities around the country to provide a home and care for the poor, disadvantaged, and disabled.
In early March, members of the Helping Hands club of the US Embassy Jakarta teamed up with Golden Rama Tour and Travel Caring Club to have an event with Bakti Luhur to help improve the environment of the school by painting the walls of the school with lively animals and murals with the residents.  The event was attended also with the Deputy Chief of Mission Kristen Bauer, a regular participant and supporter of Helping Hands activities.
Kristen Bauer with residents of Bakti Luhur.
Lunch preparations.
The school is located in South Jakarta and is several floors high with the feel of an old 70's school with the lightly yellow painted walls.  The day's activities included opening with singing and balloon animals with the kids, distribution of lunches to the children and teachers, and then painting for the rest of the afternoon.
Busy painting
Lunch break!
Some of the impressive artwork.
Many of the paintings were very impressive and the residents of Bakti Luhur had a great time drawing and painting the murals for their school.  It was great opportunity for members of the embassy to get involved in the community and make small impacts in the lives of others.

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