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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spirit House Propitiating Ceremony

Attended a spirit house propitiating ceremony at the embassy building.  It was a very interesting ceremony and a good opportunity to learn about Thai culture and some of the traditions practiced in Thailand.  A "spirit house" is a small house that will be found at the entrance of many homes and buildings in Thailand.  This house is to be home for a spirit which will  protect the building or home and provide good fortune.  The "propitiating" ceremony, is a ceremony used to refresh and continue to request favor among the spirits.

The event hosted a brahmin to conduct the ritual and was attended by Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Thai embassy staff, and some US employees.  The ceremony involved a display of fruit and food to the spirit house with incense and prayers by the brahmin.  The Ambassador participated in many of the rituals and all attendees were later invited to place incense and make a wish.

It was a very interesting experience and a great cultural learning opportunity.

The Embassy spirit house.

Arrangement of food and traditional candy.

Ambassador Kenney.

Brahmin performing the prayers for the ceremony.
Assistants to the brahmin.  They played music and helped distribute incense for the ceremony.

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