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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Songkran Celebrations

Songkran or the Thai New Year was celebrated at the USAID Asia Mission (RDMA) as well as the Embassy last week.  The actually holiday falls between the 13-15th; however, since there are multiple holidays in Thailand next week, the celebrations occurred in the Embassy community earlier.

At the RDMA, staff celebrated with a water pouring ceremony to the office directors of the Mission.  Before and during that, Thai staff used a chalk mixture with water to mark everyone in attendance and splashed water. 

Traditional desserts.

The next day, the Embassy had their Songkran celebration.  The event was attended by many from all agencies and their families with events such as a paddle boat race, sand castle building, dancing, and food.

Pagoda and lake.
Paddle boat races.
Cheering on the racers from the bridge.

USAID's entry into the sand castle competition.


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