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--Barney (HIMYM)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Monday was packout day.  I took the day off work to await the movers who would come and box and pack my things.  I've never needed a relocation package before so this was my first time going through the process.  USAID makes all arrangements with a shipping company and handles all the billing and coordination.  The only thing I needed to worry about was just picking a date for when they could come.

This big moving truck pulled up to the my house at 9:00.  The movers were pretty good.  I had most of my stuff organized that I would be taking and they boxed them up and moved all furniture.  I had a bed in storage at my grandparent's warehouse so I had the movers drive out there after they finished up at my house.  Afterward, just needed to fill out and sign some paperwork, receive an inventory of what they did, and they were done.  Was interesting in that they will end up billing based off the number of boxes, the type/weight of furniture, how many steps they took from the vehicle to my house, how many stairs they might have needed to go up or down, etc.  They bill for just about everything.  Makes me wonder, do corporations or governments really get a better rate than consumers?

It was also nice that being able to get to visit my grandparents that day.  I don't speak with them one on one too often and I enjoyed telling my grandma about this new job, what I might doing, and where I might end up going.  It's nice someone in my family, at least, thinks I'm doing something interesting with my career.

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