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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Home in DC

USAID provided relocation in terms of packing and shipping your belongings.  However, finding a place to live in DC is the responsibility of the candidate.  USAID HR did though provide several information sheets and guides on possible places to look at and things to consider while searching for a place to live.

After going through many Craigslist ads and looking various apartment review websites, I ended up deciding to live with another incoming candidate.  We decided to sublet a house a few blocks from the Foreign Service Institute (where I'll most likely have to attend language training) and split the costs of living.  My roommate found the house through Craigslist and I started moving into the house on Tuesday after reaching DC.

Here's some pics of my new residence.
House from the outside.  Really could use an exterior paint job.

Entryway to the house opens into this room.

This is the kitchen.

The other side of the kitchen.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2

The house should work out alright.  However, there is one issue I've noticed.  I'm HIGHLY allergic to cats and while there isn't a cat living in the home, my allergies have been going crazy indicating one has lived in the house recently.  In order to make this house livable, a thorough decontamination is needed.  That will be the big project for the next few days.  Also, tomorrow evening or early tomorrow will be when my roommate moves in.

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