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Monday, November 19, 2012

I get to take that pretty girl of yours to a ball..

Every year in the foreign service, there is an annual occasion where everyone gets to dress up in fancy dresses and tuxedos and drink and dance the night away.  That occasion, warmly referred to as "adult prom", is the Marine Ball.

US Embassies and Consulates around the world have a small detachment of Marines who serve in the capacity of Marine Security Guards.  They work, in conjunction with diplomatic security, to protect classified information and systems as well as protect US citizens within US premises of the Mission.

Every November, the Marines celebrate the "birthday" of the formation of the Marines with the US Marine Corps Ball.  The entire embassy community is invited to attend as well people from other countries' diplomatic missions.  The event included a ceremony, presentation video, several speakers (including the US Ambassador to Indonesia), and, of course, dinner and dancing.

I had a pretty good time for my first Marine Corps Ball and we ended staying till near when they kicked us out around 1AM.  It's a fun event and a good excuse for men to go get a tuxedo and for women to get a nice dress, and since the embassy community is fairly large in Jakarta, the ball was pretty well attended.  Ticket prices were a bit steep nearing $100 (nope, the event isn't free, at least, not for the average employee) but still it's an event I would gladly attend again.

Didn't really take nearly enough pics!
The flags displayed at the entrance.
What's a birthday without cake?
This table honors fallen Marines.
Our table.
Keepsake from the event.

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