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Friday, February 10, 2012

Thoughts on Language Training

Happy to report success in finishing Indonesian language training today.  It was more difficult than I was expecting but perhaps it was nervousness.  When I last tested in Mandarin, it seemed not nearly so nerve-wracking, but I think I had less on the line if I were not able to pass.  I now have the necessary language requirement completed to fulfill tenure and for my position in Indonesia.

Language at FSI is very well run and rigorous.  Despite however good the instruction is there though, it is necessary to anticipate dedicating a significant amount of time to self-study in order to really master the vocabulary.  The idea of learning an alternative word for every word one might have to be articulate in English is an intimidating task.

I think I now have a good foundation of the language but feel I will need much more in order to feel completely comfortable with it.  I fully plan on continuing studying the language and practicing as much as feasible when at post.  Trends indicate a significant role of Indonesia in Asia and becoming adept in the language and culture will only be useful. 

I'm happy to have completed language training and look forward to moving back into my role in international affairs.

Off to SE Asia!

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