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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final Push Before the Language Test

In two weeks, I'll take my language assessment test in Indonesian completing my 5 months of language training.  This will be critical to pass in order for obtaining the necessary language ability for my assignment, but also for fulfilling a critical requirement in order to become tenure-eligible.  All FSO's must obtain proficiency in a foreign language.  I tested previously in Chinese but didn't quite hit the score needed, I received a 1+ and I needed a score of 2 (the scale is 1 to 5).  For Indonesian, I will only need to obtain a 2/2.

The language test consists of two components:  Speaking and Reading.  These two components are then composed of several subcomponents.

  • Conversation
    • The test begins where you are to have a natural conversation with the testers.  You can ultimately talk about any subject and control the conversation to whatever you want.  The main point is to just keep the conversation going and to show your proficiency being able to naturally converse.
  • Presentation/Speaking at Length
    • In this section, you are able to select from several topics that are within the general categories such as Science&Techonology, Business&Economy, Administration&Government, Current Affairs, Culture, etc.  You then need to give basically a presentation on this topic showing knowledge and ability to use the pertinent vocabulary as well include factual information and personal opinions/observations.
  • Interview/Comprehension
    • In this section, you will be allowed to select a topic from one of the categories previously mentioned and will need to interview one of the testers on that topic.  Throughout the interview, you will need to report the information you find to the other tester.
  • Reading - Gist
    • You get several articles (I believe 6) with just the headline and several paragraphs from each article.  You have to quickly skim them all and at the end of the time limit, then report to the testers what each one was about.
  • Reading - In-Depth
    • You get a long article and you have to read the article.  At the end of the time limit, you then explain what the article was about and the testers will ask follow-up detailed questions about the content.
Outside of this, I'm preoccupied elsewhere for preparing for my first TDY assignment, writing my employee statement and package for my annual evaluation, and planning my wedding.

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