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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diplomatic Passport

Shiny new passport.
Was issued my diplomatic passport this week.  Might be a while though until I get to use it as there aren't very many opportunities for temporary assignments this year and for the Contracts function, they typically try to keep us all in DC to help out with the end of year rush to obligate awards before the fiscal year end (September 30).

The diplomatic passport though does not mean I would have diplomatic immunity wherever I travel.  Rather, it really just signifies I am traveling under official government business. 

Diplomatic immunity is only granted on a bilateral basis between countries.  So if I am to be posted to a particular country, then a listing is sent from our embassy to the partner country declaring those on diplomatic business and agreed upon by the other.  Only at that point is diplomatic immunity granted. 

Still, having a black passport definitely is pretty cool!

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