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Look, our forefathers died for the "pursuit of happiness," okay? Not for the "sit around and wait of happiness." Now if you want, we can go to the same bar, drink the same beer, talk to the same people every day or you can lick the Liberty Bell. You can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it.
--Barney (HIMYM)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


This marks the beginning of my blog about the US Foreign Service with USAID.  My hopes for this blog will be first to keep in touch with friends and family as I venture off to our nation's capital and then off to far away lands.  While electronic communication is always readily available to get in touch with me, blogging serves as another convenient medium.

Secondly, I hope for this blog to be informative about the what the foreign service is, what we do, and how we do it.  Many people seem to know very little about the foreign service or about USAID.  Heck, I actually still have much to learn!  So I hope this will be a great way to let others who would like to learn more about the career, the organization, or just about life abroad.

So feel free to follow along as this new adventure begins!

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